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Strangest Hanukkah present from Google

Sometimes Google does strange things. I was told today that this blog shows up on the first page of search results for the term “בלוג” (which is blog spelled in Hebrew). Here is a screenshot for the lazy disbelievers (taken … Continue reading

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How to Stop Spam On phpBB Forums

February 2009 Update: it seems that this page got very popular, and it’s not surprising: the method described here is simple and really works. Unfortunately due to the large number of help requests I am getting, I can’t provide you … Continue reading

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The Curious Incident of the Chameleon in the Night-Time

Ok. I’m usually not posting such stupid stuff. But I couldn’t hold myself this time. I came into my bed room where I had this bed-linen with pictures of lizards, turtles, chameleons and other creatures. Then I saw something quickly … Continue reading

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Efficient Editing In The Command Line: Part 1

If you are like me, spending a lot of time in the command line, you might be looking for ways to edit the command lines more efficiently. Many interactive UNIX programs implement line editing by using GNU’s readline library. This … Continue reading

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Filters 0.1 Released

Filters is a Python package that provides shell-like data processing operators for generation of web content. Filters is designed to work together with a template-engine like Kid and Genshi. What is a filter? We’ll start with an example. ${ identity.is_anonymous() … Continue reading

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Django-like filters for Kid (and Genshi)

This post is deprecated and superseded by this post. I’ve had a look recently at Django’s templates. I know most of my readers are fans of TurboGears, so if you are one of them, hold yourself from throwing tomatoes at … Continue reading

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