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Regardless of their goals, all people need some sort of protein, fat, carb and assortment of vitamins and minerals in order to function normally and feel healthy. If you’re also looking for dietary supplement that promotes neurocognitive and musculoskeletal health … Continue reading

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Alzheimer’s Disease: Recreation and Quality of Life

A combination of social, mental, and physical stimulation can be the best medicine for a healthy life. Even a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease should not end pleasurable activities, modified as needed. Regular exercise and a nutritious diet are also important … Continue reading

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Motivating People Starts with Building Emotional Connections

Summary.   Thousands of years ago, Aristotle identified pathos as a critical element in communication and persuasion. As the maxim suggests, logic makes us think, but emotions make us act. In this piece, the author offers three ways to harness the power … Continue reading

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Filters 0.1 Released

Tips for a Healthy Diet After Age 50 Turning 50 is a milestone for many people. The half-century mark comes with new rules for medical tests and often brings a couple of health-related signals indicating that it’s time for some … Continue reading

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75+ Ways for HR to Enhance the Employee Experience (EX) in 2023

A company’s culture and employee experience are inextricably linked to its productivity. How can HR improve employee experiences, ensure their well-being, and help organizations optimize the efforts of their workforce? Here’s our definitive guide, with 80+ actionable tips for enhancing … Continue reading

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