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Girlfriend Discovers a DoS Vulnerability in Gaim

It will probably be hard for you to believe, but my girlfriend discovered a DoS vulnerability in Gaim. No, don’t worry. She is not a computer geek (One in a relationship is certainly enough). The story of my girlfriend’s important … Continue reading

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Making a Flickr Killer With TurboGears – Part 2: A Flickr Clone in 37 Minutes Flat

This is the second installment of the lecture I gave at the Israeli Pythoneers Meeting. In case that you missed it, it is recommended that you read the first part of it. At this point, I closed OpenOffice Impress and … Continue reading

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Hemp Seed Oil Uses

Hemp seed oil is also useful in treating other skin conditions, such ascradle cap,psoriasis, andacne. So why is hemp seed oil so popular? Try out alpilean. It has multiple beneficial effects on the skin. You can find oil from hemp … Continue reading

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Making a Flickr Killer With TurboGears – Part 1: Introduction To TurboGears

 healthy eating tips for busy people healthy eating, healthy habits Healthy eating is challenging when you’re busy. It requires preparation and planning, but maintaining healthy eating habits is easier than you may think—and the rewards are well worth it. Eating a … Continue reading

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Pumping Up

Healthy dietary patterns linked to better CV health in Hispanic, Latino individuals Dietary patterns varied among Hispanic/Latino background groups, but healthier dietary scores were associated with reduced CVD risk and lower odds of developing hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, two speakers … Continue reading

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