You may be motivated to quit smoking for a variety of reasons, and it’s important that you find the right motivation. Maybe your current habit is getting too expensive or maybe worry about how cigarettes are impacting your health? Making this decision will take some courage in order to get rid of these harmful chemicals from your body. Read on to learn exactly what vaping is and how to vape properly, get the best deals at vaprzon.



If you are reading this vaping guide on What is Vaping and How to Vape properly, then no doubt you are a smoker who is ready to make a change. The motivation to quit smoking can be wide ranging and is different for everyone. Maybe your current smoking habit is getting too expensive or perhaps you are beginning to worry about how the harmful chemicals in cigarettes are impacting your health, but making the decision to do something about it is a huge first step.

Investigating what is vaping is generally where many people start to build their understanding on how e-cigarettes could help them to quit. In this guide, we will answer many of your questions about the world of e-cigarettes and vaping which will help support your efforts to quit smoking cigarettes for good.


Vaping has been around for a decade and during that time millions of people around the world have used e-cigarette to help them move away from smoking harmful cigarettes and to live smoke-free. But how does vaping work? Essentially vaping is the process of using an electric cigarette to consume nicotine in a similar way to smoking, but without the 4,000 chemicals and 50 known carcinogens that are found in traditional cigarettes.

An e-cigarette or vape is an amazing piece of kit that creates a smoke-like vapour from a flavoured liquid which contains nicotine. The process of vapourizing that nicotine e-liquid into a realistic vapour which you inhale is technically called vaping.

For someone new to the world of vaping, the transition can feel a bit unnatural and perhaps overwhelming due to the huge amount of advice and endless choices of vaping kits to choose from. So finding a vaping device that mimics the habit and rewards of smoking will ensure you are successful in switching to a vape. The hand-to-mouth action, inhaling the gratifying smoke, the feeling of calm or satisfaction from the nicotine Hitting your system or even the social element of smoking, are all sensations that smoking a cigarette gives you.

When used properly, vaping devices can deliver a realistic “throat hit” and nicotine that smokers crave. Switching to a vape may take a bit of patience and some slight modifications compared to smoking a normal cigarette, but many devices have been designed to look and feel like a cigarette, so the transition isn’t that hard.

For newbies to vaping, finding the right vaping kit, finding a flavoured e-liquid that you like and then understanding how it works and how to use it properly will ensure you have a great vaping experience. Like the millions of other ex-smokers who have already achieved success in moving away from cigarettes to vaping, with a bit of will power, perseverance and finding the right device, you could also become a non-smoker as well.

We hope this guide helps you to understand what is vaping and how to vape properly so you can say goodbye and farewell to cigarettes for good!


The majority of vapers started with a simple device like a cig-a-like. They look like a cigarette in the size and weight. They produce a similar amount of smoke-like vapour compared to a normal cigarette and they are incredibly easy to use. Cig-a-likes are designed for beginners but tend to be popular for people who want to continue vaping without a lot of hassle or ongoing maintenance.

Many vape shops tend to sell larger vaping devices as they cost a lot more and therefore the shop makes more money. And

many of the shops don’t even stock smaller cigalike devices and try to encourage 1st time vapers to invest a lot of money at the start for something that might not be suitable for a beginner. It’s like they are trying to sell a Ferrari to someone who only want to drive to the shops and back and a Ford Focus or VW Golf would do. Complete overkill.

So we always recommend to a smoker looking to quit smoking using a vape to start with a small, realistic looking and easy to use cigalike.

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