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Speeding Up your Application with Javascript Templates (and cjson)

The web application project that I am currently working on (the one for which I’ve written TGFusionCharts) has some pages with huge tables, generated using the Kid Template Language. Page loading times became more and more notable as the table … Continue reading

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Add Eye-Catching Flash Charts to Your TurboGears Application

I’ve released today the first version of TGFusionCharts. TGFusionCharts is a TurboGears widget built around InfoSoft’s FusionCharts, which lets you easily add beautiful animated flash charts to your web application. The package support a wide varierty of chart types, including … Continue reading

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Catching Up

Are you in the doldrums? You may have been so consumed with the pursuit to break some of your unwanted habits that you may have already forgotten integrating new, wholesome ones into your old routine. What if doing some minor … Continue reading

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