Add Eye-Catching Flash Charts to Your TurboGears Application

FusionChart SampleI’ve released today the first version of TGFusionCharts.

TGFusionCharts is a TurboGears widget built around InfoSoft’s FusionCharts, which lets you easily add beautiful animated flash charts to your web application.

The package support a wide varierty of chart types, including pie charts, column charts, and line charts. Some of the charts comes with a 2D and a 3D version.

Of course, every good thing must have some drawbacks. Your visitors must have the Flash plugin installed (98% of US users have it installed, according to a study stated in Wikipedia). Moreover, the FusionChart component has a commercial license, but comes with a free trial. If you are not too bothered by that, take a look at TGFusionCharts.

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2 Responses to Add Eye-Catching Flash Charts to Your TurboGears Application

  1. issin says:

    Hi, My page show: no data to display
    import turbogears as tg
    from turbogears import controllers, expose, flash, widgets, validators, error_handler, validate
    from tg_fusion_charts import Column3DChartWidget, Pie2DChartWidget, SingleSeriesChart

    class Root(controllers.RootController):
    def index(self):
    return dict(chart=Column3DChartWidget(chart_id=’chart1′, width=200, height=200, chart=SingleSeriesChart([3,4,1,5], caption=”New Incoming Links”)))

    Please help, thanks.

  2. Nadav says:

    Try to compare the generated javascript code on your pages to the code that exists at the source of