Facebook is Becoming an Address Book

UPDATE (2014): This has been written 6 years ago, at that period when my facebook feed was all about what my friends had been doing on Farmville. Most of this has been pretty much gone by now. My feed is still spammy, but Facebook has proven itself as a great tool for me as an expatriate to keep tabs on what my high-school buddies are up to.

I really liked Facebook. Few months ago, I could still use Facebook to easily follow up what was going on with my real-world friends. I would see my friends’ new friends, new status updates, moods, and additional useful information.


Looking now at my Facebook home feed, there’s almost nothing in it that I care about. Instead of getting updates on their real lives, I mostly learn about the stupid virtual stuff they do in Facebook (creating aliens, adopting them, and eventually letting them compete in various sport games with each other.)

Being unable to follow up the news feeds, I end up using Facebook only for initiating contact (private messages) with new and old friends. That is, as a universal address book.


It seems that Facebook is very well aware of this issue. The following is just a partial list of the actions that they have been taken recently to reduce the clutter in feeds and profiles on Facebook:

  • Extended Profile: lets you move application that sunk down in your profile to a separate page.
  • Allows to easily hide or ignore notifications of the same kind (installation of the same application)
  • Gauges to control the kind of events you’d like to see less in your news feed.

What do you think? Are the days of clean and succinct Facebook feeds gone for good?

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7 Responses to Facebook is Becoming an Address Book

  1. Boris says:

    That might be the next feature on Facebook – “Show only real events in my news feed”.
    There is quite a lot of dissatisfaction among users, hopefully the developers will fix the problems or a better alternative will pop up. Doesn’t Google run an experiment at University of Arizona?

  2. Ori says:

    What’s so successful in Facebook is that it appeals to different people in different ways. Some use it as an addressbook, some use it as a single’s board, and some use it to pet their aliens, drink blood, etc.

    If Facebook did not appeal to so many kinds of people, it wouldn’t have been so good at being your addressbook!

  3. MYBF says:

    Ha! great to see someone at Google complaining (or shall we just say “offering a critique”) of Facebook.

    Great to hear you landed yourself a prime job, shame you didn’t post more about your training – or what you are currently doing.

    all the best,

  4. Amir Kirshenboim says:

    In response to the title – there’s no doubt eventually it will be the other way around – the address book will turn into my social network. (well it actually is my social network, just without some relevant networking features…)

  5. karlzt says:

    Facebook is the cancer of modern day society where idiots gather

  6. Dennis Kean says:

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    Many thanks,

    Dennis Kean