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Catching Up

Essential Tips For Learning How To Cook At Home Given the current state of the world, most of us are staying at home as we collectively fight the pandemic. Many people are cooking more of their meals at home too, … Continue reading

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Productivity Tip: Multitasking slows you down

The picture says it all. Multitasking really slows you down. Suppose you have two tasks to do: Task A and Task B. When you perform your tasks alternately (as in the top line) you pay a big overhead cost. Each … Continue reading

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You may be motivated to quit smoking for a variety of reasons, and it’s important that you find the right motivation. Maybe your current habit is getting too expensive or maybe worry about how cigarettes are impacting your health? Making … Continue reading

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WordPress MySQL Database Encoding Fun

How I transferred my latin1 encoded wordpress blog into a perfectly working database setup with UTF8 encoding. Continue reading

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Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography in Dentistry or Digital imaging is available for almost more than a decade. It has successfully replaced conventional Radiographic films. This post will discuss about what is Digital Radiography in Dentistry, its principles, how it works, types, applications, … Continue reading

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Another Way to Stop Bot Registrations

Reported by Boris. Back in December I’ve posted about the technique I use to stop spam on phpBB forums. The following enhancement of this idea appeared today on xkcd webcomic blog: But it would not work, because even spambots cry … Continue reading

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Are You Paying For “Protection” On Your Blog?

It is very common to hear stories in which criminals ask restaurant or shop owners to pay them money for the criminal’s “protection services”. Those who dare not to pay them, usually sorry for that few days after, when they … Continue reading

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Girlfriend Discovers a DoS Vulnerability in Gaim

It will probably be hard for you to believe, but my girlfriend discovered a DoS vulnerability in Gaim. No, don’t worry. She is not a computer geek (One in a relationship is certainly enough). The story of my girlfriend’s important … Continue reading

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Making a Flickr Killer With TurboGears – Part 2: A Flickr Clone in 37 Minutes Flat

This is the second installment of the lecture I gave at the Israeli Pythoneers Meeting. In case that you missed it, it is recommended that you read the first part of it. At this point, I closed OpenOffice Impress and … Continue reading

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Hemp Seed Oil Uses

Hemp seed oil is also useful in treating other skin conditions, such ascradle cap,psoriasis, andacne. So why is hemp seed oil so popular? Try out alpilean. It has multiple beneficial effects on the skin. You can find oil from hemp … Continue reading

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