This page lists some of my projects:
  • ScalaPB – Protocol Buffers and gRPC support for Scala.
  • Python ChallengeThe Python Challenge – An online puzzle in which each level can be solved by a bit of Python programming. During its first year, hundreds of players were playing daily. Many publicly admitted they got addicted to it. It was even mentioned on the show“Click Online” of BBC World.
  • WebilderWebilder Desktop – Flickr and Webshots photo manager for Linux. This small panel applet automatically downloads stunning photos and sets them as your wallpaper.
  • MathNetThe MathNet project– A sophisticated homework checking system and interactive lessons. It has a grading system that is integrated with Matlab which enables it to accept formulas entered by users. The project is being used by the Department of Mathematics at the Technion for many years. The system serves thousands of students weekly.

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