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How to Gain Root Access on SunOS (a 1-day exploit)

If you happen to find a Sun Solaris server with a telnet daemon running, it is very likely that you can get superuser access on it by just typing: $ telnet -l “-froot” server where server is the server name. … Continue reading

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Pumping Up Your Applications with Xapian Full-Text Search

What good is an application—not matter how much information it contains—if the inability to easily search it renders it useless? Xapian to the Rescue Xapian is an excellent open source (GPL) search engine library. It is written in C++ and … Continue reading

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How to Stop Spam On phpBB Forums

February 2009 Update: it seems that this page got very popular, and it’s not surprising: the method described here is simple and really works. Unfortunately due to the large number of help requests I am getting, I can’t provide you … Continue reading

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Tutorial: How To Implement Tagging With TurboGears and SQLAlchemy

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a simple, yet powerful, tagging system using SQLAlchemy with TurboGears. As the concept of tags, and social tagging in particular, have become very popular, clients now demand “tagging-enabled” applications. So, here’s … Continue reading

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Local SEO

  Local SEO aims at optimizing your digital properties for a specific vicinity in order to help it take off among the local markets in which it competes. It aims at helping you gain a better position with local business … Continue reading

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Four Tips on Identity Testing

I remember that day about a month ago, when it occured to me it is high time that I write some unit tests for my project. In the beginning, it felt like travelling where no man has gone before – … Continue reading

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How to Deploy TurboGears Applications on BlueHost

I have been a customer of BlueHost (a very friendly web hosting provider) since I’ve created the Python Challenge, about a year ago. A short time later, I’ve added to my account the domain which I use as my … Continue reading

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