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15Gammons: Backgammon in TurboGears

I’ve finally launched it. 15Gammons is an online realtime backgammon website. Its backend is written entirely in Python using TurboGears and Twisted. In fact, it is the first TurboGears project I’ve started (over 18 months ago); and the last one … Continue reading

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Speeding Up your Application with Javascript Templates (and cjson)

The web application project that I am currently working on (the one for which I’ve written TGFusionCharts) has some pages with huge tables, generated using the Kid Template Language. Page loading times became more and more notable as the table … Continue reading

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Add Eye-Catching Flash Charts to Your TurboGears Application

I’ve released today the first version of TGFusionCharts. TGFusionCharts is a TurboGears widget built around InfoSoft’s FusionCharts, which lets you easily add beautiful animated flash charts to your web application. The package support a wide varierty of chart types, including … Continue reading

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Screenshot l10n

It’s always funny to see your content translated or mentioned in another language. This time it is special, since even the screenshot (and food) got some localization. Original: Translated: Related posts: TurboGallery: Making a Flickr Killer in 30 Minutes Flat. … Continue reading

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Making a Flickr Killer With TurboGears – Part 2: A Flickr Clone in 37 Minutes Flat

This is the second installment of the lecture I gave at the Israeli Pythoneers Meeting. In case that you missed it, it is recommended that you read the first part of it. At this point, I closed OpenOffice Impress and … Continue reading

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Making a Flickr Killer With TurboGears – Part 1: Introduction To TurboGears

One month ago, I gave an introductory speech about TurboGears at the Israeli Pythoneers Meeting. The discussion consisted of two parts. The first part introduced TurboGears, and the second part included live coding of a Flickr clone. I hereby give … Continue reading

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Pumping Up Your Applications with Xapian Full-Text Search

What good is an application—not matter how much information it contains—if the inability to easily search it renders it useless? Xapian to the Rescue Xapian is an excellent open source (GPL) search engine library. It is written in C++ and … Continue reading

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Prepare for Attack!—Making Your Web Applications More Secure

Arm yourself and prepare for battle! This post is intended as a reminder about the possible security attacks your Web application may be vulnerable to. While it is not meant as a comprehensive guide to Web-application security, it can give … Continue reading

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Filters 0.1 Released

Filters is a Python package that provides shell-like data processing operators for generation of web content. Filters is designed to work together with a template-engine like Kid and Genshi. What is a filter? We’ll start with an example. ${ identity.is_anonymous() … Continue reading

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Django-like filters for Kid (and Genshi)

This post is deprecated and superseded by this post. I’ve had a look recently at Django’s templates. I know most of my readers are fans of TurboGears, so if you are one of them, hold yourself from throwing tomatoes at … Continue reading

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