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Tutorial: How To Implement Tagging With TurboGears and SQLAlchemy

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to create a simple, yet powerful, tagging system using SQLAlchemy with TurboGears. As the concept of tags, and social tagging in particular, have become very popular, clients now demand “tagging-enabled” applications. So, here’s … Continue reading

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Webilder 0.5 Released

Webilder is a great way to have beautiful wallpapers on your GNOME or KDE desktop. You tell Webilder what flickr tags to follow and relevant photos are downloaded to your computer. Very simple. So how Webilder is related to TurboGears? … Continue reading

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How To Make IE Cache Less

Internet Explorer is known to cache the responses of GET calls. The problem occurs if your javascript functions request the same url over and over again. Internet Explorer will cache the response of the first call, and subsequent calls will … Continue reading

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Four Tips on Identity Testing

I remember that day about a month ago, when it occured to me it is high time that I write some unit tests for my project. In the beginning, it felt like travelling where no man has gone before – … Continue reading

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Testing Multi-user TurboGears Applications

Lately I’ve started to write many unit tests for my secret turbogears project. My secret project, like many other web 2.0 applications, can have a lot of users logged in at the same time and the actions of one user … Continue reading

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How to Deploy TurboGears Applications on BlueHost

I have been a customer of BlueHost (a very friendly web hosting provider) since I’ve created the Python Challenge, about a year ago. A short time later, I’ve added to my account the domain which I use as my … Continue reading

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